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On this post, we are discovring one of the best WP Mobile showcase Theme in 2018, TOUCH: A Lighter-than-air WordPress Mobile Theme from BonfireThemes having more than 733 purchases on Enevato Market !

1. Review

Title : TOUCH: A Lighter-than-air WordPress Mobile Theme

Type : wordpress/mobile

Designer : BonfireThemes

Publishing date : 2013-05-08T16:44:46+10:00 and updated at 2014-04-11T05:12:48+10:00

Price : 30 $

Sales : 733

Review & Rating : 4.78

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2. Description

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Touch is the 4th in a series of mobile WordPress themes from Bonfire Themes and is intended for use on smartphone and/or tablet devices. Set it up as a secondary theme and display it only to mobile visitors, or set up a brand new WordPress installation; the choice is yours.

Touch may look light and airy but, as can be seen on the features list below, it’s a mobile theme with plenty of features in tow and can be used for many purposes; set up a straightforward blog, an optional static front page, a touch gesture-enabled gallery, or even a portfolio. Also included is a utterly unique comment form along with a validation-enabled contact form, plus sliders, shortcodes, ‘install as web app’ functionality and so on, and so on.

TOUCH customer testimonials

You’ll always have our promise of excellent support which is something we’re massively proud of. But instead of taking our word for it, please see below for just a taste of the praise those who’ve purchased this theme have kindly sent our way:

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Thoroughly tested: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and desktop browsers

Touch is a thoroughly tested theme. iPhones and iPads, Android and Windows devices, even desktop browsers. It works everywhere. Should you use it as such, it can even function as a full-blown desktop site.

TOUCH works alongside your existing desktop theme

‘Touch’ works alongside your existing desktop theme and can easily be shown to
your mobile and/or tablet visitors only. To get a first hand look at the theme,
visit the live demo site here.

‘Touch’ comes with a customized version of PhotoSwipe, the popular touch-enabled
gallery system, which integrates absolutely seamlessly with WordPress. Let your
visitors swipe, pinch and zoom their way through your images!

Theme features:

  • unique and super clean design
  • 2-level accordion menu
  • back, call, email buttons in the header
  • ‘install as web app’ functionality on iOS (with install prompt, splash screens + icons!)
  • integrated share buttons for Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (no setup necessary!)
  • ready for translation/localization (.mo, .po files included)
  • tested on several browsers across multiple operating systems and devices (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
  • a very unique, subtly animated comment form
  • contact form with validation
  • a fully responsive liquid design that works beautifully on desktop, tablets and smartphones (everything from forms and fields to menus and embedded content is automatically resized to ensure your site looks its best on whatever device and resolution it’s being viewed on)
  • fully retina-ready
  • beautiful and subtle use of CSS3 and jQuery animations
  • includes themes for two different slider plugins
  • touch-enabled gallery (customized PhotoSwipe)
  • multiple page templates allowing for formatting of content (no title, centered title, back button, and combinations thereof)
  • a ton of extremely customizable shortcodes (alerts, dividers, buttons etc).. shortcodes for YouTube, Vimeo, USTREAM, DailyMotion,
    .. and shortcodes for easily placing content in columns (text, images, as well as video)
  • custom background tool enabled; change the theme’s background color/image in seconds (a dozen background images included)
  • extensive documentation
  • PSD included
  • ready-to-edit child theme included


- the menu button is now much more reactive on touch devices
- Instead of only being available on the front page, the search function is 
now integrated into the menubar and is quickly accessible from all posts 
and pages (as is the case with the 'back', 'call' and 'e-mail' buttons though, 
the 'search' button too can be removed if you so wish).
- Addressed potential iOS 7 icon display issue
- Addressed possible WordPress 3.6 menu incompatibility
- Added 'install as webapp' functionality for iOS
--- Added 'install as webapp' item to documentation
- Ready-to-edit child theme now included
- Updated main menu (an opened menu with sub items can now be closed individually)
- Updated main menu; an opened menu with sub items is now closed as another is opened.

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