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On this post, we are discovring one of the best WP Mobile showcase Theme in 2018, Spartan: A Fully-featured theme for Mobile+Tablets from BonfireThemes having more than 150 purchases on Enevato Market !

1. Review

Title : Spartan: A Fully-featured theme for Mobile+Tablets

Type : wordpress/mobile

Designer : BonfireThemes

Publishing date : 2013-02-02T08:37:56+11:00 and updated at 2013-09-21T07:52:51+10:00

Price : 30 $

Sales : 150

Review & Rating : 4.85

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2. Description

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The goal with SPARTAN was to create a fully-loaded theme that would serve as the mobile and tablet home for any and all types of WordPress sites while also being a great stand-alone theme. With its color scheme suitable for all businesses, organizations, as well as personal sites, the theme allows your content to take center stage.

It’s the little things that we think are so great. Like the menu that goes beyond just listing a number of links in predetermined styles, allowing you to instead build and color a unique navigation system. Or the comment button also serving as a visual indicator; grayed out when comments for a given post are disabled, or shaking itself ever so gently to remind the user to read and leave comments when comments are enabled. Or the amount of customization available for shortcodes. It’s your call how deep you want to go.

We’ve linked to a great number of live examples to showcase these as well as other aspects of the theme, including how the blog index looks and behaves, how the theme handles comments, displays galleries, how you could set up a portfolio, all the different post formats etc. In the live preview, just bring down the menu by clicking/tapping the menu button on the upper left corner of your screen and browse away.

We sincerely hope you like what you see.

SPARTAN customer testimonials

As folks who’ve already purchased Spartan can attest to, we take good care of our customers. In fact, we’ll take a step back here and let them do the talking:

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Feature list: Information about SPARTAN in neat list form

  • works alongside your existing desktop theme
  • ‘install as web app’ functionality on iOS (with install prompt, splash screens + icons!)
  • ready for localization/translation (*mo, *.po)
  • tested on iOS, Android, WP7 as well as desktop browsers
  • unique ‘layered’ design (the site’s menu and comments are opened in full-screen, dedicated slideouts, giving the site a ‘layered’ look and feel)
  • a unique, customizable ‘descriptive’ two-level pull-down accordion menu
  • touch/swipe gallery (customized PhotoSwipe)
  • supports 10 post formats (Standard, Aside, Link, Gallery, Status, Quote, Image, Video, Audio, Chat)
  • subtle and effective use of jQuery
  • a ton of extremely customizable shortcodes..
  • shortcodes for YouTube, Vimeo, USTREAM, DailyMotion,
  • retina icons
  • custom background tool enabled; change the theme’s background color/image in seconds (a dozen hand-picked background images by the theme’s designer are included)
  • a fully responsive liquid design (everything from forms and fields to menus and embedded content is automatically resized to ensure your site looks its best on whatever device and resolution it’s being viewed on)
  • works beautifully in both landscape and portrait
  • detailed documentation
  • layered PSD included

Install as a web app: (use your own splash screens and icons)

As a part of the theme’s default functionality, SPARTAN can be installed on your iOS device as a web app. Upon arriving on your site, a handy prompt alerts your visitor to add the site to their Home Screen, meaning your site will be just a single tap away.

You can also add your own custom icons and splash screens that the web app will make use of, as can be seen by the included default images below:

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- Addressed potential iOS 7 icon display issue

- Updated main menu
--- An opened menu with sub items is now closed as another is opened
--- An opened menu with sub items can now be closed individually
- Addressed possible WordPress 3.6 menu incompatibility

- Added <strong>'install as web app'</strong> support on iOS (with install prompt, splash screens + icons!)
--- Added documentation item on 'install as web app'

- Spartan is now <strong>ready for translation!</strong>
--- Documentation now includes guide on how to easily and quickly translate the theme.

- Added widget support
- Added an archive page
- Fixed bug where secondary menu wouldn't display

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