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On this post, we are discovring one of the best WP Mobile showcase Theme in 2018, My Mobile Page V3 WordPress Theme from SmartTemplates having more than 919 purchases on Enevato Market !

1. Review

Title : My Mobile Page V3 WordPress Theme

Type : wordpress/mobile

Designer : SmartTemplates

Publishing date : 2012-01-17T18:09:07+11:00 and updated at 2015-06-29T10:01:57+10:00

Price : 24 $

Sales : 919

Review & Rating : 4.14

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2. Description

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My Mobile Page V3 WordPress Theme

Live video preview HERE

My Mobile Page V3 WordPress Theme is the third version of “My mobile page” wordpress mobile theme series. The WordPress version comes with a custom ajax powered admin panel, from where you can setup the theme and his features. You can customize the home navigation menu, adding and editing the icons and the numbers of pages to display. Also you can create blog pages, photo galleries, portfolio sections with flexible images and videos. Using the allready 12 smart editor shortcodes you can manage your content easily.

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My Mobile Page V3 WordPress Theme
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My Mobile Page V3 WordPress Theme
  • Facebook
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  • Pinterest
  • reddit

How to use the mobile detection code and theme switcher plugin

3 easy steps:

  1. Go and download THIS wordpress theme swicher plugin and install it like a regular plugin.
  2. Go and download THIS mobile detection code and copy the file to your “desktop theme” root folder. Where the header.php file is also.
  3. Open you “desktop theme” header.php file and right at the top include this code:
$detect = new Mobile_Detect();
if (!$_SESSION['switched']
&& !is_admin()
&& $detect->isMobile() 
&& empty($_REQUEST['wptheme']) 
&& get_current_theme() != 'My%20Mobile%20Page%20V3%20Wordpress%20Theme') {
$_SESSION['switched'] = true;

Make sure you write your wordpress website url corectly here: “”

Also if you modify the mobile theme name (theme name must be change also from style.css file of the mobile theme) make sure you change also “My%20Mobile%20Page%20V3%20Wordpress%20Theme” from the code

IMPORTANT: The desktop theme must always be the one left active from your wordpress admin. After you download the mobile theme, activate it, add all the content to it, make all the settings you want, and after that deactivate it and activate the desktop theme again.

Now go and test it with your mobile. The desktop theme will stay active for desktop users, and the mobile on will be activated only when the user is coming from a mobile device.

Full Features List

  • Ajax powered custom admin panel
  • 12 smart shortcodes for content editing
  • Smart slider options home page
  • Touch flexible navigation
  • Fluid responsive layout
  • Flexible slideshow
  • Responsive carousel image gallery
  • Flexible tabs
  • Flexible toggles and buttons
  • Resizable photos and videos
  • Google web fonts
  • Blog design page
  • Portfolio page with prettyPhoto
  • Contact page with php working form included
  • PSD Files for icons and home panel instructions
  • SEO Friendly html code
  • Valid HTML code
  • Tested and developed on latest iOS and Android phones
  • HELP files included

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