Review : Logancee – Multipurpose Responsive Drupal Theme


Review & Download Logancee – Multipurpose Responsive Drupal Theme

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On this post, we are discovring one of the best Drupal Templates in 2018, Logancee – Multipurpose Responsive Drupal Theme from monkey_themes having more than 110 purchases on Enevato Market !

1. Review

Title : Logancee – Multipurpose Responsive Drupal Theme

Type : cms-themes/drupal/retail

Designer : monkey_themes

Publishing date : 2016-03-08T08:13:18+11:00 and updated at 2018-05-03T17:43:54+10:00

Price : 58 $

Sales : 110

Review & Rating : 3

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2. Description

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Logancee is multipurpose Drupal 7 theme with Ecommerce integration using Drupal commerce. Featuring different product types, stock management, Product reviews, product attributes, cart and all you need for your next online commerce e-shop. it also comes with full internationalisation support including multi currency for the online shop using the european central bank for currency conversion automatically. Everything is setup and ready to go.

Drupal commerce has several options for payments, and the theme comes with paypal integration by default.

The theme also comes with Mailchimp integration using a mailchimp signup box for newsletter handling.

This theme is a great combination of a clean, modern, minimalist design and a number of powerful features. With all of love and passion, our most talented designer tried his best to complete this ecommerce theme.

Therefore, this responsive ecommerce template will be ideal for any web developers to customize and make their own site become one of the top online shopping sites .

It has many different types of headers, multiple style & layout. Everything which is ready to use to make a complete website such as landing page, sale promotion, sales product, etc Whatever products that you are selling, it will catch your viewer’s interest from their first sights.

Important note :

The theme is not compatible with Mod security, drupal itself does not recommend mod security as it conflicts with some drupal functionality. so people hosted on a shared godaddy hosting should consider changing. You can read here an official drupal statement about this :


02 May 2018

drupal core security update

28 March 2018

drupal core security update

11 March 2018

Update Drupal commerce to support PHP 7

18 December 2017

Fixed mobile issue with jquery UI

02 February 2017

Fixed issue with theme settings page breaking
Update better exposed filters module with security update

23 December 2016

Fixed issue with images from theme settings disappearing

21 November 2016

updated drupal core and all the security updates for all the modules

13 October 2016

Updated drupal and all modules

06 September 2016

fixed an issue with the tooltip not showing up on forms
updated the bootstrap drupal theme

21 August 2016

Fixed issue with mobile theme for vertical nav variation
Updated Drupal
Updated Panels module

28 June 2016

Updated drupal core and modules to latest versions

19 May 2016

Improved the search layout and functionality

3 May 2016

Fix some CSS issues
Included a more intuitive color selector widget for products 
fixed some issues with the custom blocks installation. 
Included a production module with predefined settings for caching for users when going live with their site using the advanced aggregation contributed module

14 April 2016

Updated the features module with the latest security fixes 
Update all other modules 

11 April 2016

Fix Logancee enable module for installing the theme on existing Drupal sites 
Fix a bug on the request new password page

8 April 2016

update Drupal commerce with a security release 
Included a feature for wholesale stores so that multiple item variations can be added to the cart easily 
Added a feature to quick view products in an overlay

24 March

Fixed some mobile issues. 
Fixed a warning on the cart widget on the header for multilingual sites.
Added batch operations to the installation profile

16 March 2016

Fixed some missing translations
Fixed bug with tabs on firefox

15 March 2016

Added wishlist integration

13 March 2016

Fixed translation problem with megamenu 

10 March 2016

Added sales price feature

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