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Review & Download Goodnex – Responsive Drupal 7 Theme

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On this post, we are discovring one of the best Drupal Templates in 2018, Goodnex – Responsive Drupal 7 Theme from refaktor having more than 1183 purchases on Enevato Market !

1. Review

Title : Goodnex – Responsive Drupal 7 Theme

Type : cms-themes/drupal/corporate

Designer : refaktor

Publishing date : 2013-09-06T16:12:55+10:00 and updated at 2015-09-01T15:28:15+10:00

Price : 48 $

Sales : 1183

Review & Rating : 4.47

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2. Description

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Goodnex is powerful and ultra-responsive theme which can perfectly serve any type of business, freelance or interactive creative sphere. With its stunning design, amazingly comfy layout you will get the most satisfied customers ever.

Original HTML version by ThemeMakers

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  • Tested with latest version of Drupal (7.3x)
  • Full demo install included
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Wide and Boxed layout
  • Unlimited Color Choices
  • 3 in 1 Portfolio, best suited for Interior, Wedding or Fashion gallery
  • Extremely universal design
  • Amazing CSS3 Effects
  • Skeleton CSS framework usage
  • CSS Improved Multilevel Drop-down Menus
  • 2 Amazing responsive sliders (with video support)
  • Mega Slider Drupal Module (20$ Value)
  • Crossbrowser Compatibility IE8+, FF, Opera, Chrome, Safari
  • Sortable Portfolio
  • Responsive layout
  • Lightbox with video support (.swf, youtube, vimeo)
  • PSD files included.

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Latest Updates

1.1.6 (09/01/15)
  *Updated Drupal core in full install.
  *Updated MD Slider.
  *Removed theme jQuery Update function in favor of contrib module. 
  *General bug fixes and style updates.

1.1.5 (02/12/15)
  *Fixed bug where menu descriptions appear next to menu title.
  *Modified appearance of search block outside of "Header Search" region.

1.1.4 (02/10/15)
  *Updated Drupal Core in full install.
  *Removed http: prefix from html5.js call in html.tpl for HTTPS compatibility.
  *Fixed contact/comment form styling bugs.
  *Header navigation markup/style now only applies to menus in the "Header Menu" region.
  *Updated MD Slider.

1.1.3 (11/06/14)
  *Updated Drupal Core in full install.
  *Adjusted some heading tags in page.tpl.
  *Downgraded MD slider in demo to fix conflict with carousel.

1.1.2 (09/30/14)
  *Fixed empty sticky.js file.
  *Updated MD Slider.
  *Made header menu styling region specific.

1.1.1 (08/15/14)
  *Updated Drupal Core in full install.
  *Updated MD Slider.
  *Modified goodnex_item_list() to fix conflict with Views ajax pagination.
  *Fixed issue with column classes in page.tpl.php
  *Fixed Flickr feed lightbox issue.

1.1 (03/28/14)
  *Updated Drupal Core in full install.
  *Better fix for latest posts and popular posts view blocks.
  *Fixed bug with detail boxes and custom theme color.
  *Added post meta theme setting conditionals to latest posts view template.
  *Implemented custom node pagination function.
  *Temporary fix for Chrome Google Font caching bug.

1.0.9 (01/04/14)
  *Updated Drupal Core in full install.
  *Fixed JS related bugs.
  *Fixed issue with latest posts view block.
  *Removed testing field in Detail Boxes content type.

1.0.8 (12/9/13)
  *Fixed issue with sticky navigation option.
  *Updated Drupal Core in full install to latest version.
  *Updated Mega Slider to latest version.
  *Fixed issue with links not working inside tabs element.
  *Fixed issue with body field wrappers.

1.0.7 (11/19/13)
  *Fixed issue with pager on Portfolio view block.
  *Renamed several view node templates to fix issue with adding additional displays.
  *Removed unecessary "active" field option in FAQ content type.
  *New theme function to update Drupal's version of jQuery to remove need for jQuery Update module.
  *Fixed slider issue when disabling black and white effect.

1.0.6 (11/11/13)
  *Fixed additional issues with custom color in FireFox browser.
  *Fixed issue with "After Content" region not displaying properly on certain pages.
  *"About the author" section will now only display if the Profile2 module is active.

1.0.5 (10/30/13)
  *Fixed some issues related to the custom color option.
  *Fixed missing Drupal links in node--article.tpl.
  *Added breadcrumbs option.
  *"Search" region changed to "Header Search", now properly utilized.
  *Modified contact form mail label to fix issue on mobile devices.
  *Added post meta theme settings.

1.0.4 (10/21/13)
  *Renamed "menu" region "header_menu" for block/region template specificity.
  *Fixed apperance of mobile menu.
  *Updated MegaSlider module to version 2.4.
  *Fixed error with recent posts view block when thumbnail image is not uploaded.

1.0.3 (09/20/13)
  *Fixed appearance of portfolio node pagination when logged in.
  *Updated appearance of Drupal tabs.
  *Updated style of portfolio image slider.
  *Applied theme styling to all submit buttons.
  *Improvements to search results page.
  *Fixed bug with Portfolio filter terms with more than one word.

1.0.2 (09/18/13)
  *Added theme setting to toggle black and white image effect.
  *Removed restriction on sticky header for logged in users.
  *Fixed a bug causing the Drupal contact form to not function properly. 
  *Fixed search box permissions in demo install. 
  *Removed margin from image post slider.
  *Fixed bug where comment date was displaying the node date.
  *Added support for detail box hover color.
  *Updated documentation.
  *Added theme PSD files to download content.

1.0.1 (09/09/13)
  *Fixed ul/li default styles.
  *Fixed misconfigured blocks in demo content.
  *Updated documentation.

1.0 (09/05/13)
  *Initial release.

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