Review : Foundation – Directory & Listings Drupal 8 Theme


Review & Download Foundation – Directory & Listings Drupal 8 Theme

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On this post, we are discovring one of the best Drupal Templates in 2018, Foundation – Directory & Listings Drupal 8 Theme from CodeVisionThemes having more than 92 purchases on Enevato Market !

1. Review

Title : Foundation – Directory & Listings Drupal 8 Theme

Type : cms-themes/drupal/corporate

Designer : CodeVisionThemes

Publishing date : 2016-10-13T14:55:53+11:00 and updated at 2017-10-30T03:09:21+11:00

Price : 49 $

Sales : 92

Review & Rating : 4

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2. Description

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Foundation – Directory & Listings Drupal 8 Theme

Foundation is high performance directory & listings Drupal 8 theme. Main focus is on the listing functionality. With the Foundation you can start your directory website in no time. With the awesome Drupal fields functionality you can add your own fields and build custom fiters with the Views module.

What kind of directory sites you can create by using Foundation?

Business listings, Real Estate, Restarants, Food & Drink, Services, Hotels, Travels, Courses, Seminars, Workshops, Events, Clubs, Pubs & Bars, Clinics, Pets, Arts

Which fields are defined for listing content type?

Address, Amenities, Body, Category, Comments, E-mail, Gallery, Geolocation, Image, Location, Opening hours, Price, Verified sign, Website

What are the categorization options for listings?

Theme implements several custom taxonomies focusing on directory functionality like: amenities, categories and locations.

I never used Drupal before so would you recommend Foundation to me?

Drupal is great CMS with tons of awesome features but it is required to have at least minimum knowledge of content types, fields, views and block. So if you are technical type or developer we recommend you to use Foundation.

I want exactly same site as your demo. What I have to do?

Don’t worry. Package available on ThemeForest contains full demo source codes and on we have installation video where you can see how easy is to have exactly same copy.

Listing Content Type

With the predefined “Listing” content type you can add new listings. Content type defines a lot of custom fields which are quite useful for directory solution like
photo gallery, GPS coordinates, address, opening hours and so on. Of course this content type is used by View for displaying listings on the front end.

Custom Filters

For the searching of listings theme is using exposed filters of Views into block. By using Views filters you have almost unlimited options for adding and customizing
the site filters. For example the homepage hero unit is just simple exposed filter into block. You can get great results by using native functionality coming from Drupal 8.

Well Crafted Listing Details

We spent a lot of time focusing on listing details. Layout of the detail page has special structure where theme is displaying all important information. Visitors can, at the top of the page, see Google Map, photo, address, website and contact form. After these information are coming photo gallery, description, amenities and of course comment section.

Advanced Categorization

Theme contains several important taxonomies for directory & listings categorization. With foundation you can easily categorize the listings by location, amenities and category. All these taxonomies are already predefined in theme and used in Views across the website.

Demo Content Included

With the included demo content you can get exactly same copy of our demo site on you machine in a few seconds. In the documentation we described how to install Foundation. Of course the installation video is included as well.

Clean & Responsive Design

In foundatioin we implemented clean design focusign primary on the content. Visitors can easily distinguish important listing information. Design is crafted with the strong focus on future development so if you are going to modify theme you will have easy time because of clean elements.

Theme Settings

By using Drupal 8 functionality we created theme settings available under “Appearances” menu item. So you can find
all theme settings on one place. You can change homepage hero unit background or social profiles links from one place without touching source code.

No Bloat Drupal 8 Theme

We decided to start coding Foundation theme from scratch. We didn’t used any third party theme nor starter kit so all the code is tailored by us without any unnecessary functionality. Your developers will be happy to work with the optimized codebase.

Homepage Layout

For the composition of homepage layout we used regular Drupal front template with the custom region which you used our custom and views block. You can change the directory homepage by editing that layout or playing with the blocks in proper region.

Rock Solid CSS Code

We are using SASS and Susy for creating advanced CSS code. With these technologies you can easily extend & improve your directory solution in Drupal 8. Code is robust but is still easy to read for all developer familiar with the SASS and Susy.

Third Party Modules Used

Contact Block, Ctools, Geolocation, Google Analytics, Pathauto, Taxonomy Menu, Token


  • Due to an issue in exposed filter form in Drupal 8.2 you can set title for homepage hero unit in foundation.theme.
  • All images on our demo site are downloaded from
  • Please use comments tab on ThemeForest for support requests.
  • Views module is required for proper functionality.
  • Set proper Google Maps API key in foundation.libraries.yml.


  • Font families: Poppins
  • Images: Unsplash
  • Icons: Flaticon

Tags: directory, listing, listings, companies, business, real estate, event, restaurant, automotive, pet, dating, job, coupon, hotel, travel


v1.0.1 – 10/14/2016

* IMPROVEMENT: added several hover effects
* IMPROVEMENT: you can set Google Maps API key from theme settings in admin
* FIX: JavaScript warning

v1.0.0 – 10/13/2016

Initial release

Source & Download


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